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1.29 Release Notes

  • 6 minute read

Hi All

This is a large release, adding much exciting new functionality. Some of the larger additions are:

  • Support for 2 Factor Authentication: We now integrate with Scorpion Software's Auth Anvil product. Please contact them if you would like to purchase tokens to use with Harmony.
  • Synthetic Date Dimensions: Any date fields in the reporting can now be filtered and grouped by date, month and year
  • Ability to CC Harmony on emails: You can now CC the the system on communications with customers. Harmony will store and index the communication against the customer.
  • Calendar Integration: Every user has a unique calendar URL which can be optionally enabled. This means you can include your Harmony calendar in either Outlook or Google Apps or indeed anything which supports iCal.
  • Custom Fields by Sub Type: You can now define subtypes for any type of object (quote, customer etc) and specify which custom fields are relevant to that subtype. Very useful!
  • Asset Register: You can create assets and log tickets against them and define customer contract coverage
  • Ability to place customers on hold
  • And much much more.....
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