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1.25 Release Notes

  • 5 minute read

This is the first full set of Harmony release notes generated by Harmony Ticketing!

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1.21 Through 1.24 Released

  • 11 minute read

It has been a while since we have released any release notes and we apologise for that. On the plus side however, a whole lot has been going on!!!

Primarily the large changes are:

  • Ticketing! Harmony now has an excellent help desk and general ticketing function together with scheduling. A separate blog post and documentation will dig into more detail.
  • Filter and Find! You now have much better ability to create filter sets on any grid and also a quick way to filter along the top of each grid.
  • Save Filter Sets! Once defined you can save your filter sets either publicly or privately. Use this to further customise Harmony to your internal workflow. We feel this is going to be a very popular feature.
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