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1.17 Release Notes

  • 5 minute read

Below is the list of features and bug fixes included in the release. As usual, please contact us if you find any issues with the release and they will be fixed straight away.

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Deferred Revenue Management in Software Companies

  • 2 minute read

Software and services companies tend to prefer recurring income. This is income where the customer is going to pay you on a recurring basis; either for support, licencing or in the case of cloud software, usage.

This makes sense. If you as a company can increase your recurring income you have greater security and a reliable future cash flow stream. Using this you can have the confidence to invest in the future and so do any investors into your business.

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Why we are using Git and GitHub for Harmony

  • 2 minute read

WARNING! Techie post!

When Harmony was originally written we were using Subversion for our source control system.
We had been using this as a company for years and we were very familiar with it. However, it was giving us a fair amount of pain, particularly around managing branching and merging. I know we weren't the only ones...

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