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    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2018-07-30 Last updated 2018-07-30 - 2 minute read

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Our ticket interface had not had a refresh since the original version was released 5 years ago. While it was written specifically to avoid the pitfalls other systems suffer from, we felt it needed a face-lift to include recent changes and usability feedback we had received.

So we are excited to announce our refreshed ticket interface and explain its key features.

The key points by number are (see image above):

1) Cleaned up header with clear timeline information and single click status update

2) New alerts display with colour coding

3) Relationships sidebar decluttered, full of hyperlinks and click-dial phone numbers

4) Ticket description front and centre, as before, images auto-render in body

5) Relationships sidebar display provides direct access to contacts and update on SLAs

6) Contract and asset information complete with full custom field descriptions. If the ticket is on a block hours contract, the contract display will show the balance remaining and provide direct access for the tech to request a fund top-up before working on the ticket

7) Time booking panel simple to use, works alongside timers

8) Check-lists also sit in the sidebar. Check-lists can be just added or driven from workflow. They can contain links to knowledge base articles, non-relevant steps can be skipped with a comment and they can be made conditional on ticket closure. Multiple checklists can be supported on a single ticket workflow

9) Ticket details (classification) panel

10) Custom fields updated alongside with new “whole page” save action

11) Action log against ticket now included in sidebar

12) New follower display makes including other internal or external users in the ticket subscription list fast and simple

We still also have the normal multi-folder header providing more information, document storage, audit trail, access to raising quotes and order, booking direct costs and expenses and much more. The internal notifications framework picks up client responses and automatically highlights the ticket in bold in your ticket queue.

We sincerely believe we now have the simplest and cleanest but also most comprehensive ticket interface on the market. Call us now if you’d like to see it in action.

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