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The challenges of revenue forecasting

Covid-19 and Harmony

Why integrated order processing is key

Release Notes 4.20

How understanding Employees' Skills and vulnerabilities can help you run your services business

2019: our key achievements

The power of path-based workflow

Considering the power of customisation

How to make your customer service more human

The challenges of managing deferred revenue

What is SAML and why is it a good thing?

The challenges of sales commission functionality

Website design tips for MSPs from a specialist

Is your PSA system HIPAA compliant?

Intelligent Swarm vs Agile Service Delivery

The difficulties of forecasting professional services revenue

What is a PSA and why do I need one?

Achieving ISO9001 certification

10 things that make Harmony Stand Out

Harmony launches new homepage

Running billable agile projects

How to deal with the challenges of running a DevPS business

Release Notes v4.19

10 reasons Harmony is better than a Standalone Service Desk system

15 reasons Harmony is better than a standalone CRM System

15 reasons Harmony is better than a standalone timesheet system

How to collaborate on ticket workflows with your clients

Adapting to the changes in the authentication landscape

What benefits should I expect from my PSA platform?

Release Notes v4.18

Which customers are making you money?

Feature Friday - How to automatically clear checks in your RMM on ticket closure

How to Automate revenue Recognition in an IFRS 15 and ASC 606 Compliant manner

Applying CMM thinking to Service Desk

Using Harmony for Project Management

Harmony Release Notes v4.17

The Future of Authentication

Meet Vinay Delamthabettu, senior developer

Meet Steve Duckworth, our CEO

What makes a true next-generation PSA?

ASC606 and why you care about the balance sheet

Why Agile Service Delivery Matters

The top 10 reasons a PSA will save you money and help you grow

Harmony Release Notes v4.16

How to effectively price your MSP contracts using assessments

Where do you do your accounting?

Meet Felix Ekman, head of Marketing

What on earth were they working on?

Integrate Power BI yourselves with our new APIs

Announcing our ticket interface refresh

Meet Richard Convery, Head of Customer Success

HarmonyPSA is named on CRN's Emerging Vendors List

Meet Ana Correia, customer support manager

Can your MSP cope with New business?

Meet James Sponder, senior consultant

Managing Sales hand-offs

Are you a Tech Star or a Sales Hero?

HarmonyPSA is now on Apple News

Handling dates and times... should be simple right?

Harmony V4.15 Release Notes

Why you shouldn't use spreadsheets for invoicing

Powerless in the world’s biggest library

The Difference Between UK and US Managed Service Providers

HarmonyPSA won the Channel Partners Choice Award!

How A PSA Helps You Manage Contracts and Projects Efficiently

How can MSPs grow their business through automation?

How a transactional CRM improves Contract Execution

Does your business flow?

Low to zero touch invoicing, part 2: contract billing

Harmony v4.14 Release Notes

Low-to-zero-touch invoicing, part 1: billing time

Harmony v4.14: Dynamic checklists

What data breaches and hurricanes have in common 

4 advantages of B2B online invoicing

Mac security in the workplace

What to consider before signing a new MSP customer

Is the UK’s tech sector missing out on R&D tax relief?

How to model channel sales correctly

The Professional Services Automation (PSA) for incident responders

Adding the second “S” into MSP

The benefits of automation

Why we're aiming for a touch-free work to cash cycle

A short guide to using BlueSnap in Harmony

Resource management by team

Resource management vs task assignment

Harmony v4.13 Release Notes

What features do IT Service Providers look for in a PSA solution?

6 PSA requirements for a MSSP

Running a successful PSA implementation

How to integrate Jira with HarmonyPSA

6 key requirements for moving to AYCE billing

Harmony v3.15 Release Notes

The benefit of variable service level agreements

The business case against using best of breed systems

Why buying a timesheet system is a bad idea

Harmony v3.14 Release Notes

6 disadvantages of using a standalone service desk

Contract management, the best of breed way

Modelling customer data with best of breed architecture

Harmony v3.13 Release Notes

4 key requirements for migrating your business to service contracts

How many ways do you sell?

Just what is resource management?

How to differentiate your MSP business

Part Five: Why do PSA implementations fail?

Part Four: Why do PSA implementations fail?

Part Three: Why do PSA implementations fail?

Part Two: Why do PSA implementations fail?

Part One: Why do PSA implementations fail?

Harmony v3.12 Release Notes

Why selling Cloud software makes a PSA tool essential for ISVs

Let them eat cake

Project planning using Work Breakdown Structure

Feature Friday - Device Based Billing

Climbing the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) ladder

Harmony v3.10 Release Notes

MSP 2.0 Trends: Part Three

MSP 2.0 Trends: Part Two

MSP 2.0 Trends: Part One

PSA needs for cloud ISVs

Harmony v3.9 Release Notes

How to future-proof your MSP business

'Harmony has had a massive impact' Customer Story: Open IP

Why nobody uses MS Project for project control

Contribution analysis

v3.8 Release Notes

v3.7 Release Notes

Customer profitability

Amazing Integrations #6 : Connecting HarmonyPSA to Slack

Integration architecture

Transactional CRM

The story behind HarmonyPSA

Release 3.6


Capacity management

Boards are now available!

Feature Friday - Outlook Add-In

Your customer portal, a marketing opportunity

PSA trends for ISVs

Meet Denis Pujdak, developer

3.5 Release Notes

Migrating between PSA tools

Meet Susan Wells, financial controller

Choosing the right PSA system

Meet Moritz Muenzenmaier, sales team leader

Meet Timothy Jahn, sales consultant

Meet Steve Powell, our CTO

Are our competition any good?

Applying kanban thinking to Finance

Meet Charlotte Darley, content marketing manager

Feature Friday - New Time Billing Features

Meet Andre Rafael, junior developer

Meet Bhavini Prajapati, senior software engineer

Building a Kanban board in HarmonyPSA

Boards are coming

Running a company while on holiday

Meet Mark Auer, senior developer

Applying PDCA thinking to your business

How to build a business case for a PSA solution

Feature Friday - Integrating HarmonyPSA with Google Maps

Buying a PSA system

Pointless Hand-offs

Is it under contract?


Exciters: small can be beautiful

Feature Friday - Telephony Integration!

Suite vs Best of Breed

Feature Friday - Configurable External Hyperlinks; LinkedIn, Facebook, DueDil, anything!

PSA for ISVs

Announcing our first RMM integration

Managing assets

Billing for time

Planning: achieving the right balance

HarmonyPSA at SITS16

Multi-currency expenses


Improving timesheet compliance

Amazing Integrations #5 : Connecting HarmonyPSA to your Sage One accounting software

New Timer Functionality!

1.53 Release Notes

1.52.23 Release Notes

PSA accounting integration

How much functionality do you REALLY need from your PSA solution?

What's the best PSA software to buy?

Amazing Integrations #4 : Connecting HarmonyPSA to your Xero online accounting software

5 ways to pay for PSA software

Amazing Integrations #3 : Connecting HarmonyPSA To Your Quickbooks Online Account

Harmony launches pre-pay functionality

Amazing Integrations #2 : Using Zapier to integrate Harmony with Unbounce and Mailchimp to produce a seamless process to capture, nurture and convert leads

What do you need from your customer portal?

The Internet of Things is finding its way onto MSPs' agendas for 2016

Amazing Integrations #1 : Trigger SMS Alerts from Harmony using Zapier

Developing a channel distribution model

Do you need SOX Compliance to help win new business?

System Integrators, do you need a PSA?

Who needs a knowledge base?

Get Guide Video - who should consider HarmonyPSA?

Is Service Desk Enough?

Implementing Professional Services Automation - Where to start?

Technological innovation enables growth of micro-multinationals and spawns a new breed of PSA software to help them grow

Reduce finance administration and unlock your potential for growth

Managing Channel Sales

Client and project profitability analysis

Developing bespoke software? Automate your billing to stay on top of your margins and manage complex projects

New feature for consolidating lines on invoices and credit notes

Improve your customer response time with Harmony's new automatic status updates on tickets

Improved Prepayments

Re-working the WORM - centralised and shared organisational data

Time to re-engineer your IT business?

Improvements to purchase orders

Are you easy to do business with?

Do you need to integrate your CRM?

Does deferred revenue matter to MSPs?

Case Study - Leeds-based cloud computing company, VirtualDCS, implements HarmonyPSA and sees immediate improvements in business

Common PSA implementation pitfalls and how to avoid them

Professional Services Automation: At what stage of my business growth should I invest in a PSA system?

What lies at the heart of your business?

Time to automate management of your quotes and orders?

Advanced global search - navigating your data

Azure in Open Licensing

Using Harmony PSA for telecoms style billing

Professional Services Automation: The 5 golden rules for PSA success

Which metrics matter to technology businesses?

5 impediments to business growth (and how to get over them...)

Why not write your own PSA solution?

Is it possible to run complex businesses with multiple regions, currencies, legal entities and brands through one unified platform?

Document based or Journal based PSA accounting interface? Get it right from the start and you'll save time and money in the longer term

Beyond Professional Services Automation – Are new breed PSA systems are changing business?

Cloud MSP billing solutions

Cash Slow? 5 tips to speed up your billing processes and improve cash flow

Is it covered? How to make sure you only provide support when the customer is paying

Understand who is making a financial contribution to your business

R&D tax relief for IT

Do I need a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool?

Assessing the ROI for implementing a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution

5 secrets to exceptional customer service

Multi-tenant cloud applications - our approach

Which application strategy should you adopt when choosing internal control solutions?

Why ISVs need PSA software

Improve your handover from sales to service delivery

1.40 Release Notes

The solution to billing in days

Choosing the right key performance indicators (KPIs)

Customer profitability, the holy grail of business analysis?

Defining your PSA software needs

Turn your data into business intelligence

Building in quality as early as possible

Matched period accounting without accruals

5 tips to maximise billable time

1.38 Release Notes - New UI!

Integration with CRM Systems

Purchase Orders in HarmonyPSA

B2B Marketing Metrics for Technology Companies

New Features to Streamline Billing for MSPs

Channel the Power of SaaS to Improve Customer and Staff Collaboration

10 Metrics Every Technology Business Should be Tracking

1.37 Release Notes

Supporting diverse organisational structures across the IT industry

1.36 Release Notes

Ticket Configuration Ideas for Harmony PSA - The ISV

A contact strategy for working with HarmonyPSA and MailChip to deliver email campaigns

1.35 Release Notes

Using Filestream with SQL Server and Fluent NHibernate

How we manage our development backlog to stop tickets being buried

1.34 Release Notes

1.33 Release Notes

1.32 Release Notes

1.31 Release Notes

1.30 Release Notes

1.29 Release Notes

1.27 Release Notes

1.25 Release Notes

1.21 Through 1.24 Released

1.19 Release Notes

1.18 Release Notes

1.17 Release Notes

Deferred Revenue Management in Software Companies

Why we are using Git and GitHub for Harmony

1.16 Release Notes

1.15 Release Notes

1.14 Release Notes

1.11 Release Notes

1.10 Release Notes

1.6 Release Notes

Harmony 1.3.7 Release Notes

The challenges of correctly billing time

Company growing pains


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