2019: our key achievements

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2019-12-16 Last updated 2020-01-02 - 3 minute read

As we approach the festive season, we thought it a good opportunity to review what we have achieved in 2019 and to look forward to in the New Year.

2019 achievements

The 2019 saw us launch a revamped user home page containing user definable pinned reports of objects meaningful to their day to day activity. This ensures that users can make their homepage focused on the things of direct relevance to their role.

We also added Customer and Project level security modelling capability, enabling customers to build Chinese walls between aspects of their business where security is a key concern. Building on this, we also delivered the ability, using permissioning alone, to extend the reach of the service desk out to the partner’s customers, to both allow workflow sharing on tickets and also permit partner’s customers to use Harmony as their internal helpdesk. Further, as part of our security agenda, we added support for SAML, enabling partners to adopt whatever MFA authentication provider they chose and achieve single sign-on across their estate.

An extension of the notifications framework delivered in 2019 allows custom notifications to call webhooks and use them to invoke APIs. This unique capability in the PSA space allows partners to build advanced configuration workflows to suit their individual needs.

On the integrations front, we added the Continuum NOC integration and added support for Kaseya to our other RMM integrations. On the finance and accounting side, we added integration with Expensify plus full internal integration of GoCardless payment processing. The latter allows a partner to create direct debit mandates and collect the money without leaving the Harmony interface, making straight-through processing from lead to cash a reality without incurring heavy credit card fees. GoCardless offers full support for SEPA processing across Europe and has US ACH in beta. Hopefully they will expand that regional offering in 2020.

In the project space, we added a fourth level to our WBS support, allowing staff task allocation project tracking and reporting. This simple statement hides a rich refactoring of the project area, making it more flexible, powerful and universal across the various verticals we support.

Changing PSA systems is always a challenge - people often put up with a poor system simply because they cannot face the effort of change. In 2019 we made a significant improvement in our partner onboarding process with support for standard rates and a basic working service desk built out of the box. Combining this with single click import of customer records from Xero and Quickbooks Online enables new partners to be up and running with a basic build in a couple of days.

Lastly, December saw us launch the most functional Apple and Android app on their respective app stores. As Harmony is built with a responsive interface, the re-styling necessary to optimise its use on mobile devices was straightforward and uses the same code base as the web version. Because we didn’t need to re-write the interface, we were able to deliver much more functionality than any of the competition, including support for the full sales lifecycle and certain finance functions such as approvals. Harmony can now go anywhere you go with a mobile-optimised interface that is the best on the market.

What’s coming in 2020?

Here at Harmony, we don’t operate the type of strict roadmap process the larger vendors need. Being agile, we can be much more responsive to customer requests and so vary our delivery bases on feedback.

That said, our product intentions do sit within a number of themes for 2020.

Although our project management capability is best of breed in the service desk PSA offerings, we want to do more. Development will continue on skills management, program level reporting and on-line project reporting for delivery early in the year.

Revenue forecasting for professional services is a complex topic that we will be addressing comprehensively with a rich and powerful forecasting capability.

Our integrations strategy will focus on single pane of glass access to cloud products, with cloud-automation a major driver, providing support for straight-through processing provisioning and billing APIs.

Finally, we want to do more to ease the ability for partners to get the system live fast. We will be investing in further improvements in the on-boarding process and supporting training material and videos. We don’t want people to be afraid to switch up to a modern PSA at a competitive price because of change-over concerns.

Wishing you a happy Christmas and a profitable new year.

The Harmony team


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