What features do IT Service Providers look for in a PSA solution?

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What features do IT service providers need from a PSA solution? Clearly, different systems have different strengths so it’s important to have a clear understanding of your business needs before starting the process of selecting the right PSA tool for your organisation.  As a part of our internal marketing research we surveyed our customers, asking them what factors brought them to their final buying decision. The list of features below is by no means a comprehensive list of Harmony's features (you can find that here) but is based on what our customers told us made HarmonyPSA stand out from the competition. If you are in the process of researching PSA solutions at the moment you may find this checklist a useful way to start to compare what's on the market.

Deferred revenue - unlike most other solutions on the market, Harmony delivers a journal interface to your accounting system.  Our product definitions contain sufficient detail to automatically manage the majority of your deferred revenue accounting. The same accounting rules engine also manages prepayment to cost journals on the buy-side. In addition, you can run any project under work-in-progress accounting rules (WIP) enabling you to control exactly when the P&L journals are posted. These can cover both time and non-time related revenue streams.  You can stay on top of your financial position at all times with no need for time consuming spreadsheets and manual data manipulation.

Ticketing system - Harmony offers fully configurable ticket types, statuses and workflows. You can link tickets to SLA’s with customisable clock definitions and auto-create tickets from inbound email, either from customers or direct from your RMM solution. Tickets are fully integrated with the rest of the system creating efficient work flows and making sure everyone in the business has access to the information they need.  You can raise quotes from tickets, tie tickets to contracts, schedules, assets, project tasks and also inter-relate tickets to create dependencies and de-duplicate. Booking time on tickets sends time directly to timesheets saving admin time and reducing the chance of errors. Tickets can be allocated to staff with an easy-to-use drag and drop scheduling screen and those bookings can be sent to employees’ calendar via iCal interface.

Customer portal – our customers tell us that Harmony's customer portal has been key to revolutionising their customer service provision. Customers can login to the portal to both create and track progress of their tickets, they can approve orders online and view their invoice status and payment schedules on demand. The portal log-in page can include your own twitter feed and deep branding with customisable text.  For resellers, the customer portal allows quote creation and end-customer data maintenance and for suppliers, it shows supplier invoice status and scheduled payments.

Automated quotes and proposal functionality - save substantial time and produce more professional looking, consistent quotes. Product definitions in Harmony are rich and comprehensive, supporting multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional pricing. Quotes include long-form proposals with auto-generated content plus fully customisable footers with smart tags. Time related products are totally flexible enabling period pricing, term and billing frequency definitions. Product price-lists can model back-to-back purchases delivering straight-through PO auto-generation. Plus products on quotes and orders are fully described with product-level commercial and contractual terms and with SLA’s included on the documentation for total order transparency. Orders may be approved on-line, eliminating delays and paperwork. Order footers are unlimited in length so they can contain your full terms and conditions. One of our customers reported that quotes that used to take a day to prepare before the implementation of Harmony can now be made ready in under 20 minutes and more complex proposals that used to take a week can be prepared in a day.

Cool usability features - Harmony’s smart UI contains lots of clever features to make the system super-usable.  Several customers mentioned the global search, which helps you to find what you need in the system, fast. Even if you only have partial details of what you are looking for. The notes, actions and events features were mentioned as invaluable organisational aids, linking to all objects in the database and integrating seamlessly with your calendar. See our short video to learn more.

Full multi-currency support together with the ability to work in different time zones within the same instance means that Harmony is suitable for businesses operating internationally.

And we were delighted that ALL our customers noted that we are super-nice to work with! Listening and responding to our customers is at the heart of all we do and as a smaller PSA provider we are able to provide a personal service to all our customers.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have found this useful. If you are not yet a Harmony user and you think that we might be the PSA for you please get in touch and we will organise a personalised demo.

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