Harmony v3.15 Release Notes

    Written by Ana Correia on 2017-10-27 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 2 minute read

Hi all,

v3.15 is a large release with a number of important updates. 

 The most important of these are:

  • Invoice editor improvements - the invoice editor now lets you drag and drop between groups and create new groups on the fly making invoice editing much quicker
  • Deferred revenue treatment change - invoices where the revenue is being deferred are now reported as being posted against deferred not revenue.
  • N-central integration - stay posted for an instructional video regarding how to set up this integration

The second point above is very important and we will be contacting all our customers with a video to watch and to talk through the change to make sure your upgrade is as seamless as possible.

# Type Title
#20170803.40 Feature Invoice editor improvements
#20171011.18 Feature Improvement to From Address settings
#20170928.14 Feature Deferred revenue accounting treatment and invoice posting
#20171005.19 Feature Ability to use dynamic tags in document templates
#20171011.17 Feature Ability to include Custom fields on document header templates
#20170906.11 Feature Lists now use Include Archived rather than Show Archived
#20141120.6 Feature N-central integration
#20170929.9 Feature Product Item is now stored on revenue and cost journal lines for product level P&L
#20171011.14 Feature Additional settings for group name on invoice lines for recurring items

Kind regards,

Harmony Team



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