Harmony v3.13 Release Notes

    Written by Ana Correia on 2017-08-30 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 2 minute read

Hi all,

Harmony v3.13 is now ready for release.

The main highlight is the ability to customise the header templates for documents generated by Harmony. On this version it's also possible now to make exports to Sage50 (former PeachTree), drive your pricing on quotes from a markup percentage and maintain your products and price lists via spreadsheet downloads and uploads. This last feature makes it easier to manage large third party price lists you want to maintain within Harmony.

Full list of changes included on this release:

Reference Type Title
#20170706.9 Feature Script for PeachTree export
#20170721.19 Feature Ability to turn disallow self-approval of expenses
#20170612.7 Feature Cost Plus Pricing Enhancement
#20170628.5 Feature Document Templating
#20170718.9 Feature Warning on quote when the unit cost price has changed from an upload
#20170612.3 Feature Ability to complete a combined product and pricing data upload
#20170717.32 Bug Upload Combined Products and Pricing bug
#20170619.31 Bug Cannot select default contract on customer from contracts where customer is only EndCustomer
#20170810.43 Bug &amp special character on pricing uploads

Kind regards,

The Harmony team


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