Harmony v3.12 Release Notes

    Written by Ana Correia on 2017-06-22 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 6 minute read

Hi all,

Harmony v3.12 is now available!

This new release includes (several!) new Features you may find interesting. Among them we have:

  • Bluesnap integration, which allows to receive payments through Harmony directly via credit card;
  • Ticket charges, allowing you to log items to be invoiced and direct costs straight to a ticket;
  • The ability to choose to whether or not to show tax on the Quotes you are generating;
  • Assets now appear on harmony external customer portal so you can share more data with your customers;
  • In the ticketing user interface, when adding a comment you can now edit the 'subject' if required, customising the subject line of the email sent to the customer;
  • You can now change a setting so that the 'Name' information of outgoing ticket comments to be the name of the person who entered them, not just the name of the system. In other words outgoing ticket updates would look like they have come from Joe Smith<support@acme.com>

The full list of fixes and features can be found bellow.

Reference Type Title
#20170310.29 Feature Use domain in email addresses to tie CRM email to customers
#20170606.12 Feature Offline mode for product family
#20170310.23 Feature Ability to link ticket to an opportunity
#20161102.27 Feature Ticket Charges
#20160921.5 Feature Allow .eml files to be included on ticket updates
#20170515.11 Feature Subject Editable on outgoing ticket mail
#20170515.10 Feature Lead Source on Bulk Create Leads
#20170515.9 Feature Outgoing emails from tickets: From Name
#20170515.8 Feature Default titles on objects
#20170512.17 Feature Additional columns to the Customer and Supplier Grids for telephone contacts
#20170507.2 Feature Add Industry Group field to Industry list
#20170507.1 Feature Custom field propagation between objects
#20170428.7 Feature Assets on external portal
#20170317.9 Feature Bluesnap Payment Integration
#20170310.31 Feature Ability to reference custom fields in invoice line format
#20170126.7 Feature View Tax on Quotes
#20170119.7 Bug Warning for billable time not tied to a Rate
#20170228.16 Bug Graphics filtered results on new tab
#20170320.5 Bug Move Completed Purchase Orders from Released to Complete issue
#20170320.11 Bug Product family filter on journal activity report
#20170320.8 Bug API issue for ticket integrations
#20170324.5 Bug Schedule PDF corrupted by special character
#20170331.8 Bug Adding Customer shared Assets to Ticket
#20170404.4 Bug Display email on ticket creation details
#20170418.2 Bug Customer payment terms not taken from the create form
#20170427.15 Bug Invoices generated by System tray translation
#20170428.10 Bug Schedule Renewals report not filtering
#20170504.70 Bug WIP claims error for archived Product
#20170511.10 Bug Ticket ref showing on time booking form
#20170512.12 Bug Label override grid download
#20170512.18 Bug Special character showing on warning box
#20170515.6 Bug Error from Create From Null user
#20170515.14 Bug Lookup popup from overlapping
#20170526.4 Bug Sales Contact Telephone on Quote Footer
#20170530.18 Bug Dynamic hyperlink issue when \ is used at the end
#20170531.1 Bug Missing Schedule Prefix
#20170531.11 Bug Customer link redirects to the new customer page
#20170601.6 Bug Schedule Upload when Custom Fields are used
#20170601.11 Bug Billable time release rounding issue
#20170601.20 Bug Suppliers saved for current user
#20170607.1 Bug Persist latest post and action in corresponding table
#20170614.10 Bug Incidents billing creating t&amp;m rate

Kind Regards

The Harmony team.


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