Harmony v3.10 Release Notes

    Written by Ana Correia on 2017-05-12 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 1 minute read

Hi all,

This new release includes several new features:

# Type Title
#20170426.9 Feature Ability to bill in arrears or in advance for consumption contracts
#20170420.12 Feature Ability to assign a delivery manager to an order without processing it
#20170310.32 Feature Ability for line managers to enter absence on behalf of other people
#20170310.30 Feature Better way to search contents of email
#20170310.28 Feature Add columns to lead upload to be able to create new customer records
#20170310.26 Feature Extra columns in Create Leads From Existing list
#20170310.21 Feature Ability to enter consumption values directly on the contract
#20170206.6 Feature Billing can be driven directly by the number of assets under contract

More information will be shared on some of these features through a blog post.

Kind Regards

The Harmony team.


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