'Harmony has had a massive impact' Customer Story: Open IP

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2017-04-06 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 2 minute read

The first in a new series of blog posts, we chat to our customers, to find out why they love using HarmonyPSA, and how it's helped their business. First up, Natalie Tite from Open IP:

Can you tell us a little bit about the nature of your business?

We are an IT and Telecoms Consultancy, so our business is looking after other customers' networks.

What was the problem you were looking to solve with Harmony?

We wanted a system that integrated the whole company. We were disjointed and our systems were hindering our progress rather than aiding us. So we wanted to be on a one-solution system that allowed us to work as an IT Helpdesk but also as an accounts team eliminating some of the stresses of recurring billing and a sales department that was spending time completing manual quotes with potential errors.

What persuaded you to choose Harmony?

We trialled Harmony and a competitor after doing lots of research into products that would best suit our needs.  We chose Harmony as it felt like the best fit for our needs and ticked a lot of boxes. In particular being able to sign agreements and orders online allows us to have a clear audit trial and stops things getting missed, the recurring billing schedules means that manual invoices every month of the same items are no longer created and the Helpdesk can operate a self-service portal where customers can check on tickets and assign their own priorities to tickets and bring automation onto many of the roles.

How have you found customer support?

Fantastic – Steve, James and Simon have been fantastic and really helped out whilst I have been implementing the system. They must be sick of all my emails constantly asking them questions but they are always really friendly and happy to assist.

How has Harmony helped your business?

We can already see an improvement to the time spent in Accounts to a point where it is saving hours per day. In Sales, it has had a massive impact on how quotes are sent out. Giving a true reflection on costs and profits and the Helpdesk has a lot more autonomy to hand so that simple tasks like email templates or how to guides can be quickly and easily sent to a customer.


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