v3.7 Release Notes

    Written by Ana Correia on 2017-03-07 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 4 minute read

Hi all,

We've included several new features on this release and made a video that goes through the main changes. These highlights include:

  • Process Boards
  • Report Subscriptions
  • Configurable Time Backing Sheets

Click here if you'd like to see how there new features work, or go through the table bellow for a list of the fixes and other features included:

Reference Type Name
#20160825.3 Feature Process boards
#20170201.9 Bug Quoting without Product Family
#20170130.14 Bug Text Custom Fields max characters
#20170105.6 Feature Change Overhead Tasks to Internal Tasks (wording)
#20170104.17 Bug SI Processor Responsibility
#20170103.4 Bug Archived Legal Entity on Report
#20161230.2 Bug Aged Debtors report posts and actions
#20161124.1 Feature Security permission to be able to approve any absence
#20170202.11 Bug Order Details report changes
#20170201.15 Bug Users receiving emails for different LE
#20161125.11 Bug Changing Customer on Clone Quote
#20161031.17 Bug POs awaiting for approval grid
#20161028.13 Bug Zero results loading a new page
#20170214.25 Bug Report Subscription sent all reports on same day
#20170213.6 Bug Encoding on Text Sanitizer not correctly set
#20170207.11 Bug CreateExternalHyperlink
#20170207.20 Bug Memory leak improvements
#20170207.7 Feature German Translation improvements
#20170213.10 Bug Time Rebooked against manager
#20170117.10 Bug Credit note and invoice line ref
#20161103.16 Bug Global search to include spaces
#20170116.5 Bug Mark Quote As Sent To Customer
#20161102.9 Bug Ticket timebookings tab filters
#20170131.7 Feature Scriptable Invoice Export Formats
#20170131.10 Bug Accounting Periods creation
#20170127.16 Bug Counter Party on ad hoc invoice
#20161025.18 Bug List filters refer to English enumerators
#20151106.34 Bug Project dropdown on quotes
#20170215.13 Feature Ability to check if a ticket update is by an external user
#20170207.17 Bug Online Order signed by is the creator and not the person who signed it
#20170209.1 Feature Time Billing Release Total Hours Selected


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