Amazing Integrations #6 : Connecting HarmonyPSA to Slack

    Written by Steve Powell on 2017-02-15 Last updated 2018-07-16 - 2 minute read

Hi Everyone

This latest integration we will be taking you through is a cracker; attaching Harmony to Slack to:

    • Let teams know when new tickets have been created
    • Let the assigned person know when a customer responds updates a ticket by adding a comment/email

This works via the following mechanism:

  1. A Custom Field in HarmonyPSA against the employee to hold their slack username
  2. The HarmonyPSA Rules Engine sends a formatted email
  3. This is picked up by the Zapier Email Parser
  4. The output of this is routed by Zapier over to Slack

So to take you through this, I will use the second use case above as an example as it is the most comprehensive:

Sending Customer Ticket Comments to Slack

HarmonyPSA Custom Field Configuration

In Harmony create a custom field against Staff Member where users can store their Slack username:

HarmonyPSA Rules Engine Configuration

Now you need to set up the rule required to send the email to the Zapier Email Parser.

Shown below is an example screen shot of the rule configuration:


And below is the configuration for the email itself. Of course you can add to this or change this as you like.  Note that later on you will put the email address of your Zapier Email Parser into the Custom Receivers field in the screen below:

Zapier Email Parser Setup

If you go to you can set up a parsing template to pass fields on to Zapier.

Once in there set up a new mailbox, and add that mailbox address to the Custom Receivers field of your Rule Email Template described above. Make sure you enable the email and rule in Harmony!

Now if you pretend to be an external user/customer of your Harmony instance, and send an email back to Harmony, you should see the rule forward that email to the Zapier Email Parser which will be picked up as an example email, and you can now tag up the fields which you want to extract from the email.  Your parser template might look something like this:

Setting Up Your Zapier Zap

If you create a new Zap in Zapier and select your email parser mailbox as the source, you can then select Slack as the destination and choose Send Channel Message.

In the example below you can see we are pulling out the fields from the email and also mentioning the user who the ticket is assigned to so they get a mention in Slack:



We hope you find this useful.



The Harmony Team


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