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    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2016-11-28 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 2 minute read

For followers of the PSA suppliers to MSP market, there is an interesting ongoing row between one of the large established suppliers and a simplified challenger product, part of a mature RMM business.

As part of that argument, they are swapping blows on the challenges of migration between PSA tools, an interesting topic and one of relevance to anyone tired of using a legacy PSA tool.

So, how do we see the challenges of migration to Harmony?

Well, the first point to note is that the core MSP offering is changing quite rapidly as we write. The old days where all that mattered was to bill work on a ticket and possibly buy a replacement part are declining. The new world is all about cloud contracts, consultancy and project management. The software needed for the latter model is actually quite different from the type of simple transactional software that drove the market expansion over the past 20 years. A good quote from this open discussion is “buy software for where your business will be in 5 years time….” This from the legacy vendor, interesting. We suspect he’s talking size not functionality but who knows?

To support the emerging market model you need a different product model and so your PSA tool needs a different data model and very different functionality. Straightaway, you can see that migration is not going to be a simple automated process.

Now think about process configuration. In the old days, products were launched with a number of “standard” process models. This was restrictive, but simple to code and when you are the only player (or one of a duopoly), you can get away with these things. These days products like Harmony are designed to be deeply configurable. We don’t tell you how to run your processes, we assume you know and would like the flexibility to work any way that makes sense to you. Obviously, migrating between different process models is challenging.

What these people are really saying is that PSA for MSPs as a concept has become commoditised to an extent that all that is left is an argument over price, and switching can be automated. But to assume all MSPs are the same and the model is static is not only a bit arrogant, it flies in the face of industry commentators and observed fact.

To us, changing PSA is not a price discussion where the main concern is to minimise the migration effort. It is an opportunity to improve how you run your business by taking advantage of functionality and configuration future-proofed from today’s market model.

Changing systems is a pain no one in their right mind wants. There has to be more to it than saving an hour’s revenue per month. Putting your business on a platform designed for today’s expanding market place guarantees your future and will support your grow as you overtake the businesses left on the legacy products.


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