Feature Friday - New Time Billing Features

    Written by Steve Powell on 2016-11-05 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 1 minute read

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Today I would like to talk about some new features we have recently added regarding billing for time.  To recap, this is where you have sold T&M time or are billing at rates and you are turning your time bookings into invoices.

Invoicing for non-billable time

Although this sounds a bit nonsensical, it can actually be very useful.  Sometimes you want to represent non-billable time at zero value on your invoice and backing sheet to your customer to show the value of any time you have spent where you have chosen not to bill.

To enable this the following features have been added

  • Non-billable time booked against T&M agreements now appear in the time billing release screen.  The allows you to change the booking to billable if need be by using the Rebook option below.
  • There is a new setting (turned off by default) to create zero value invoice lines for non-billable time.  If turned off no line is created, if turned on a line is.
  • In the formatting options for the invoice lines a new **NonBillable** attribute has been added so you can separate non billable and billable lines into two grouped lines on the invoice.

Rebooking From Time Release Screen

You will notice on the time release screen you now have a new option called 'Rebook'.

This allows you, when reviewing T&M time bookings, as well as to alter the billing off the back of a time booking as you could previously, but also to completely rebook the time, removing the original time booking and booking another in it's place.

In this way you can edit the billable\non-billable flag, the rate, the contract, even the customer on the booking.




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