3.5 Release Notes

    Written by Andre Rafael on 2016-11-30 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 3 minute read

Hi All

Version 3.5 is now rolling out to your instances.
The big change in this release is that we now have an add-in for Outlook 2013 and later. More on this later!

#20161114.17 Bug Project Drop Down on Order
#20161102.6 Bug Error when generating invoice lines - Error from Harmony Subscriber: sentis
#20161028.16 Bug Order message on absence approval
#20161121.9 Bug Error when posting Multiple-Selection List Custom Field
#20160906.1 Bug Comment box on Ticket Time booking tab
#20160711.19 Bug Employee responsibilities error
#20161124.9 Bug Caching for user permissions requires too many logouts to refresh
#20161122.3 Bug Time booking report Error (System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException): Invalid column name 'ProjectType'. Invalid column name 'ProjectType'
#20161103.4 Bug Utilisation report filters dont work
#20161102.17 Bug Error adding supplier invoice
#20161124.11 Bug Can't recognize cost of goods when the value is zero
#20161024.5 Bug SupplierProductPricing ended up with multiple price lists
#20161027.14 Bug 'stephen boyle' now appearing in Harmony in addition to 'Stephen O'Boyle'
#20161013.16 Bug Earned Spent Time report fields
#20161012.11 Bug Cancelling absence with expired absences
#20161102.8 Feature Outlook 365 plugin
#20161123.9 Bug Remove all uses of javascript confirms and alert
#20161122.12 Feature Ability to delete invoice lines coming from time charge events and milestones
#20161118.6 Bug Regex parser not working properly
#20161104.16 Feature Include contract name and reference in available tags for invoice line formatting
#20161104.8 Bug Incorrect application of min hours timesheet validation
#20161103.15 Feature Allow companies to use multiple tax authorities when in VAT environment
#20161020.20 Feature Absence Hours


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