Building a Kanban board in HarmonyPSA

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2016-10-31 Last updated 2020-07-09 - 1 minute read

This is the second of a series of blog posts trailing our new process-integrated board functionality, targeted at agile development organisations using kanban methodology (as we do).

Sprints are great for initial build projects or overlapping major releases but for steady continuous-improvement based development interspersed with new features, kanban is just easier, more flexible and more reactive.

Standalone smart board software can really help you visualise this stuff and resolve choke points. It can also be of great help in resource allocation, ensuring you’re managing the distribution of work correctly. But it has one major drawback: further bi-directional interfaces to worry about. If the interfaces are not robust, you will need double entry and that’s just the same as saying that your boards will be out of date until the next stand-up meeting - not good.

Taking the development process management tool away from the service desk and/or time recording/contract management area is going to give you work to do, whatever you may hope.

Harmony’s new boardable views solves that problem (at no extra cost). Once you have set up your development processes (development ticket or work item workflows), a few minutes of custom search configuration will deliver a fully process-integrated kanban board - job done!

The key to this visualisation is that the columns represent workflow stages (which can also be grouped into macro-process sub-headings for further clarity). The boards auto-refresh so any allocation or workflow status update is immediately reflected on the board, keeping everyone in the team informed. Build the flow from left to right and you will see work literally flow across the board as requirements get dealt with and releases get built. More importantly, you will see reversals as tests fail and rework is required - throw it on a big screen and the whole team is informed at a glance. Out of the office? Check the board on your phone; you are never out of touch.

While the team is doing the work, Harmony is managing the board updates for them. Not one extra click is required and column sub-totals give you an instant up-to-date view of work remaining.

If you are looking for a PSA solution that directly and truly supports agile development processes, call us to book a demo. They’re going live next month.


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