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    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2016-10-24 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 2 minute read

Kanban boards, smart board appplications, even physical white boards full of post-it notes are common tools for organising work across teams.

Kanban (roughly Japanese for “card you can see”) were used as one of the key process improvement tools by the Japanese motor industry in the 60s to improve speed and quality on production lines.

They have since been adopted by agile development practices as the best way of visualising feature stages as part of sprint management. The concept is now so prevalent they have their own application vertical that a number of competing vendors deliver to at the low end of project management software.

So we took a look at boards to see how we could integrate this visualisation concept into Harmony’s service desk and business process interfaces. And the big news is we’ve cracked it and they’re coming: very, very soon.

So what does this mean?

Well it’s a complete revolution in the manner in which users interact with business process software.

This is a paradigm shift and Harmony will be the first to deliver this thinking. Harmony’s boards are heterogeneous (the various columns on the board can show cards of different objects, not just tickets..), creatable, customisable, shared or personal, contain subtotals (so they represent interactive management reporting) and pervasive.

Take any grid search, any criteria and promote it to a board, under a subtotal grouping. You can literally design your job using the boards. Because they can be set to auto-refresh, you can throw an agile kanban board on a big screen and watch as the sprint is built and tested or as the service desk tickets move towards SLA limits.

And all very simple to do…

Out of the box, we will deliver a family of standard boards that control sales, finance and standard SLA service desk reporting. Then you can make them your own by simply customising the search settings, deleting the ones you don’t use and adding your own, without limits. Forget searching the menus for items to progress, the work comes onto your board driven by its workflow. Once the board is clear, your work is done.

Imagine watching invoicing processes just happen in front of your eyes. You’ll never miss anything ever again. Forget your sales pipeline report; just check the sales board - much easier to understand and action by clicking on a card. Update it, see it move to the next column. Imagine your sale stand-up meeting in front of the sale board. All so easy, it will make you smile…

This feature sits in front of and is driven by Harmony’s powerful business process thinking. You just manage the cards, Harmony does the heavy lifting in the background. We believe this feature is so powerful, if you see it, you will want to use it.

And like the rest of Harmony, boards work beautifully on your phone…

Call us to book a demo. They’re going live next month.


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