Feature Friday - Configurable External Hyperlinks; LinkedIn, Facebook, DueDil, anything!

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2016-06-16 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 2 minute read

Hi All

We are going to start a regular Friday slot where we highlight new features either released or about to release in HarmonyPSA.

This week we are going to point out our configurable external hyperlinks you can add.

This feature allows you to enter hyperlinks, register them against types of objects in the system, and include dynamic tags using our smart tag system. All fields on the object and directly or indirectly related objects (including custom fields) are available to the smart tags, making it SUPER flexible.

Examples of what you might use this for:

  • Remote control links on assetsdevices
  • Links to credit check services on customers
  • DueDil links on customers
  • Social Media links on contacts
To set this up you will see a new option on your menu:

After selecting this choose the type of item you would like to add the link to:

Then simply title your link and use the fixed part of the url combined with a dynamic tag to build the link


And voila! you will find an extra handy contextual icon your toolbar on the object!



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