Professional Services Automation: The 5 golden rules for PSA success

    Written by CloudBlue PSA on 2014-07-07 Last updated 2020-07-09 - 3 minute read

Implementing a Professional Services Automation / PSA solution is a serious decision.  Get it right and it will transform your business, providing efficiency, clarity and visibility across everything.  Get it wrong and it can prove an expensive, frustrating and time consuming distraction away from making money.

The stakes are high, so how do you improve your chances of the outcome being the positive one you dreamed of?

We think there are 5 golden rules for a successful outcome to the implementation phase:

Executive sponsorship is essential.  This has to be the key priority, fully supported by the entire management team.  They need to get their hands dirty with the implementation, attending training sessions, engaging in process design, understanding all the compromises needed to match the solution’s functional coverage with the need of the business.

Be prepared to compromise.  No software will solve all your problems or have every feature you desire.  So, you will need to compromise and be prepared to focus the team and your thinking on the areas of benefit not the missing edge cases.

Clean data first.  Assuming you’re consolidating data from multiple sources and spreadsheets, you must expect your data to be less than perfect.  For each major data set, appoint someone to consolidate and clean the data before loading.  However, that is not enough, it has to stay clean.  This means agreeing the data maintenance processes and responsibilities and sticking to it.  Your PSA solution should help you align these roles with its security modelling.

Focus on early value. Getting the most out of a company-wide PSA platform takes time, however, demonstrating value in one or two areas can normally be achieved relatively quickly. So, when making your plan, ensure you get some early production use and benefits.  Just using the new platform will help adoption, acceptance and familiarisation, making the subsequent harder phases easier to manage.

Bring the team with you.  It’s their world that you are changing, they need to be supportive and committed.  If the concept of a control solution for a particular area is new, expect to take time for the new process to bed-in and achieve acceptance.  Don’t expect perfection on day one, expect to have to work at making the new processes part of the company’s DNA.  Holding review sessions periodically during this phase can help individuals voice their concerns and not feel they are being railroaded into change.

Even for a relatively small business, this can be tough, for large distributed businesses, it is a real challenge that takes dedicated resources. However, pay attention to the 5 golden rules and the journey will be eased, you might even enjoy it.  Certainly the benefits of a successful implementation are considerable.

HarmonyPSA is designed to deliver the most complete end to end business operating environment on the market today and we are there to help you plan your implementation so the result is positive for you and your business.  If you would like to discuss how to make this change happen, contact us and we will be pleased to explain.

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