1.36 Release Notes

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2013-09-11 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 5 minute read

Hi All 1.36 is now being rolled out to your instances.

Some of the major changes you may notice are:

  • Global search facility - makes sure you check out the wild card and fuzzy matching options. Comments are indexed along with key fields of objects in the system
  • You can now upload tickets
  • Improved deferred revenue management by schedule
  • Help links on most pages!
Kind Regards
The Harmony Team


RefNumber Type Name
#20130812.5 Feature New ticket numbering mechanism options
#20130513.6 Feature Ability to upload tickets
#20130809.5 Bug Need a way to import Domains with Customer records
#20130502.8 Feature Ordering on bundles
#20130808.1 Bug Error (System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException)
#20130805.5 Bug Error (System.InvalidOperationException): Sequence contains no elements
#20130416.3 Bug Grid column chooser bug
#20130731.1 Bug Incorrect category for ticket created by external user
#20130326.13 Bug Audit trail not picking up on changes to custom field values
#20130730.2 Bug Email Bug
#20130729.14 Bug Additional field in deferred revenue report
#20130726.12 Bug Cannot create a customer asset
#20130726.11 Bug Edit ticket contractuals - not returning correct list of tasks & contacts for customer
#20130723.7 Bug Removing a bundle item refreshes the list of items above it incorrectly
#20130718.4 Feature Improved deferred revenue visibility and editing
#20130717.3 Feature Create system setting for "Unit Price can't be lower than the Listed Unit Price"
#20130712.3 Bug Automatic account number for new suppliers
#20130711.10 Feature Add Primary Support Contact to counterparty definition
#20130711.4 Bug Ingore endbeginning whitespace on uploads
#20130621.1 Bug When editing SLA targets, days shown in grid is not right
#20130620.19 Feature Change to how files are uploaded to tickets from customer portal
#20130619.24 Feature Change how monetary values are rendered
#20130618.4 Bug Contract report
#20130821.5 Bug Max users allowed in Harmony
#20130606.22 Bug Problem with project task drop down on ticket contractuals
#20130819.9 Bug Online approval details on order report
#20130606.2 Feature Public ticket comments are half hidden in some views
#20130819.6 Feature Fixed/Variable quantity setting for recurring invoices
#20130523.21 Feature Ability to set default preference for report method
#20130819.4 Bug Document Templates
#20130514.8 Bug Edit button missing on routing screen
#20130513.13 Feature Add a global search function
#20130812.8 Feature Log error message for Email Service
#20130717.9 Bug Removing lines from a credit note
#20130828.9 Bug Contact Title issue with Upload
#20130515.9 Feature Change how time budgets are created and used for fixed price ps


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