1.34 Release Notes

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Hi All

This is LARGE release with a lot of exciting new features. Many of these are finance related; including but not limited to:
  • Support for foreign currency bank accounts
  • Support for multiple bank accounts
  • Greater flexibility in payment and receipt allocation
  • Ability to change FX rates on a daily basis
  • Ability to add SLAs to quotes
  • Ability to output journal file dump via custom scripting
  • Improvements to the way custom field subtypes work
  • Quicker price editing in price lists
  • Ability to upload product and price structures
Coming soon is a google-type deep text search across the system. Stay tuned!
The Harmony Team
RefNumber Type Name
#20130523.16 Feature Ability to change contractuals upon cloning a ticket
#20130522.5 Bug Ticket's last status updated date/time not set to UTC
#20130515.5 Bug Error (System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException): Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string
#20130513.23 Feature Custom fields to be driven by an external list of definitions (knowledge base)
#20130513.19 Feature Auto filter available SLAs when creatingediting ticket in relation to Assetschedule
#20130328.7 Feature Ability to choose whether to claw back tax for write offs
#20130618.18 Bug Grid Custom Setup Filters not ordered
#20130327.10 Feature Ability to map multiple bank accounts to system activities in Setup/Financials ...and select in drop down for payment/receipt
#20130320.13 Bug Payment Allocation Refactor
#20130618.6 Bug Email processor should handle attachments with no file names
#20130313.3 Feature SLA's on quotes
#20130612.8 Bug Asset lookup becomes dropdown on customer refresh
#20130611.15 Feature Ability to specify journal output format via scripting
#20130608.1 Bug Asset change event not working on ticket contractuals (new asset lookup)
#20130607.9 Bug Email processor for tickets should ignore attachments that it does not support
#20130606.21 Feature Ability to clone quote lines
#20130606.4 Feature Ability to change quantity when renewing schedules
#20130603.10 Feature Be able to write off cash
#20130531.8 Bug Ticket Closed email message being sent multiple times.
#20130530.4 Bug Cross-currency expenses
#20130529.10 Feature Ability to link an asset to more than 1 schedule line
#20130529.9 Bug Saved Search Error when filtering on columns that are not in the Ticket grid
#20130529.8 Bug /TicketsAdminData/GetAllTicketServiceTypes - Invalid object name 'TicketServiceType'
#20130529.7 Bug /ResponsibilitiesTransaction/DelegateEverything - An entity of type 'StaffMember' with Id '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' was not returned by the database
#20130529.5 Bug /Customer/QuickAddContact - The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter 'custId' of non-nullable type
#20130528.11 Feature Mandatory email address when making a new contact at the ticket screen
#20130528.4 Bug Short footers when viewing invoice
#20130524.19 Bug Order report not working
#20130524.15 Feature POP - Support volume charges on purchase orders
#20130523.17 Bug Cloning a ticket - can't change teams if the original ticket is assigned to a person
#20130627.5 Bug Unit price showing 0 in (Activity > Contracts > Overview) grid for rate card items
#20130501.14 Bug Delivery manager for order
#20130509.18 Feature Changes in pricing screen
#20130408.2 Feature Ability to edit unit definitions
#20130621.6 Bug Unable to create an asset with a site selected
#20130404.7 Feature Make FX rates a daily rather than monthly setting


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