1.32 Release Notes

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Hi All

New features in this release worth highlighting are:

  • Resellers can raise quotes directly from your external user portal
  • Rate mappings for time and materials professional services work are now only used if you budget multiple rates to the same project task. Otherwise the rate connected to the task is used for billing
  • You can attach multiple contacts to a ticket
For the full list of changes, see below:
RefNumber Type Name
#20130501.9 Bug Internal assets categories appearing on customer portal
#20130430.12 Bug Add Invoice Date to Invoice Report Filters
#20130418.11 Bug Relating tickets can create multiple entries
#20130418.8 Bug My details error
#20130418.7 Feature Quote by Reseller
#20130418.5 Bug 404 error
#20130417.13 Feature Tickets and Assets for End Customers
#20130417.11 Feature Ticket Set-up tab reordering
#20130417.8 Bug Calendar bug from message queue
#20130417.5 Feature Project Type to display on project overview page
#488 Feature Create lead button on customer
#20130417.2 Bug Filter doesn't work on related tickets list
#20130429.10 Bug Serialisation bug
#20130416.23 Bug SLA REport = system error on filtering
#20130416.19 Bug Short Footer Mappings section no longer visible on customer record
#20130429.4 Bug Schedule related changes
#20130416.18 Feature Title on the Sales tab within Customer needs updating for 'Quotes'
#20130429.3 Bug TaskBudget missing AllocateBudgets
#20130416.16 Bug SaveProductFamilyState error
#20130429.1 Bug Error when clicking 'opportunities by stage' when in campaigns
#20130416.15 Feature Harmony - Additional product category state
#20130426.3 Bug Error while saving customer with email domains
#20130416.11 Feature Document store in Opportunities
#20130426.1 Bug Error message on reset schdule line
#20130416.8 Bug Changing the rate mappings on a project updates the rate definition instead of just the mapping
#20130416.1 Bug GetOpportunitydetailsForCampaignStage error
#20130425.10 Feature Increase size of text box on edit screen for contract terms
#20130410.3 Feature Improvements around how rate mapping is applied on PS projects
#20130425.6 Bug Creating project from support schedule bug
#20130409.10 Bug Double click results in duplicate rows in grid
#20130425.3 Bug Sequence contains no matching element on UpdateBundleItems
#20130403.5 Feature Ability to attach more than 1 customer contact to a ticket
#20130425.2 Bug Calendar Integration: Vacation is showing a day early on calendar
#20130402.6 Feature Be able to add a customizable pre-amble on the online order approval page
#20130327.8 Feature WIP Claim Approvals should be on Approvals tab not Journals plus ability to view project financials
#20130424.14 Feature Allow Customer Ref on Invoices to be editable (and save) after Invoice Release
#20130322.2 Feature Deletion of comments and audit tracking
#20130424.12 Bug SLA severity not defaulting when creating a ticket
#20130424.10 Bug ProductPricelist empty guid
#20130424.8 Feature Ability to take PO through process via the PO rather than the lists
#20130424.6 Bug Error (System.ArgumentNullException): Value cannot be null.
#20130321.9 Feature Add 'Transaction Value' including ccy to journal export
#20130424.2 Bug Creating expense errors
#20130321.6 Feature Proof of Order aceptance
#20130312.14 Feature Ability to add component list/spec when defining product items
#20130423.16 Bug Note completed email
#20130228.7 Feature Credit Control comment on aged debtor report
#20130423.12 Bug Contract terms
#20130423.11 Bug Assets Listing
#20130423.10 Bug Customer-Specific Pricing - need to stop the ability to create a price list that doesn't match customer's jurisdiction
#20130423.4 Feature Sales Units
#20130422.3 Bug Product Families
#20130418.12 Bug Serialization bug on update payment obligation


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