1.31 Release Notes

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2013-04-16 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 8 minute read

Hi All

This release focuses on bug fixes and few changes to the reseller functionality.

As the documentation for this area comes up to date we will tweet links to the updates.

Kind Regards

The Harmony Team


RefNumber Type Name
#20130327.5 Bug Filter and Find doesn't work on the Products Page for version numbers
#213 Bug Ticket quotes tab only appears in ops view not in finance
#20130326.14 Bug Audit tab not showing in customer folder in sales view
#20130405.11 Feature Ability to archive ticket types
#20130326.10 Bug Calendar export details
#88 Feature Improved Harmony Security
#20130405.9 Bug Selected SLA is removed when ticket type changed
#20130326.7 Feature New field for project search
#20130405.7 Bug ticket screen format
#20130326.6 Bug Default project for customer and task for project
#20130326.5 Bug SLA error
#20130404.12 Feature creating asset from within a schedule
#20130325.1 Feature Update to Default Settings page
#20130404.6 Bug Non customer specific SLAs loaded when both a customer and an asset is selected
#20130322.11 Feature Amendment comments on released invoices
#20130404.5 Bug Cleanup orderline views
#20130403.6 Bug Query fix for business report
#20130322.1 Bug GetCOGSupplierItems - Sequence contains no elements
#20130321.3 Bug Add Ticket Task button not responding
#20130402.36 Feature Special contract terms on View Terms from Orderline
#20130320.14 Feature Add SLA's on Consumption contracts
#20130402.33 Bug Blank page on Quote PDF
#20130402.30 Bug Filter out external orders from 'All UnInvoiced Deliverable Items' portlet
#20130320.11 Feature Ability to upload consumption figures via a spreadsheet
#20130402.14 Bug /UserTransaction/CancelAbsenceRequest - DurationUnit unknown
#20130402.13 Bug /ProjectsTransaction/CreateProject - Attempted to divide by zero.
#20130411.3 Bug Multi-Select CheckBox out of line
#20130402.12 Bug /TicketsData/GetExternalUserTickets - An entity of type 'ExternalUser' was not returned by the database.
#20130411.2 Bug Unable to close ticket as external user
#20130402.10 Bug InvalidOperationException - Money values are in different currencies
#20130410.20 Bug Tasks and Budgeting screen
#20130402.7 Bug 'Create New Version' button on quote does not have confirm dialog
#20130410.18 Feature Crediting Invoices
#20130402.4 Feature If a ticket is public, force a public comment on close if the 'require comment on close' flag is set
#20130402.2 Feature Add 'monitoring software' to Reporting Source list
#20130410.13 Bug Estimate consumption on orderlines
#20130401.7 Feature Move customer to the top of the ticket creation pages.
#20130410.4 Bug Error when trying to add a timebooking
#20130401.5 Feature Ability to route via parent category
#20130409.13 Bug Unable to nudge unsubmitted timesheets
#20130401.4 Bug Routing and Categories page slow with lots of customers
#20130401.3 Feature Add contract manager field to schedule
#20130409.9 Bug Customer pricing grid does not return any result
#20130314.2 Feature SLA report
#20130314.3 Feature Notifications on SLA breaches
#20130409.6 Bug Page not scrolling when viewing order lines
#20130330.2 Bug Billing history tab on rate card projects not working
#20130313.15 Feature Turn account code spreadsheet upload into a single upload
#20130409.5 Bug Rate Definition not persisting
#20130213.6 Feature Reseller Improvements
#20130328.11 Feature Allow public comments on ticket without contact being selected
#20130405.13 Bug Quotes Awaiting Signing not refreshing
#20130328.2 Bug /PaymentObligationData/GetCustomersWithOutstandingBalance - Input string was not in a correct format.
#20130328.1 Bug 'Does Not Equal' not saving when saving filter sets
#20130405.12 Feature Selection of Assets within a Ticket
#20130213.4 Bug Contract Terms Text on Quote/Order
#20130403.4 Bug Comments disappearing when being saved as the same time as a status update
#20130404.3 Feature Ability to hide categories and sub categories from customers
#20130412.7 Bug Ticket Contact Changed email sent when setting ticket to "Hidden From Customer"
#20130412.6 Bug Cross product family bundles
#20130307.8 Bug Rate card tasks closed by nightly tasks


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