1.25 Release Notes

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2013-01-19 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 5 minute read

This is the first full set of Harmony release notes generated by Harmony Ticketing!

This release mostly centres around improvements to the ticketing function.  There is now also greater flexibility around processing incoming support emails.

Ref Type Name
#231 Bug Billable tick box should show using the same conditions for Rate and Value expenses
#206 Bug Assign to me
#174 Bug Adding Ticket Task - not selecting a ticket errors
#106 Bug Timesheet Approval: Not all timesheet rows are appearing when viewing detail.
#166 Bug Missing delete functionality in Rate Mappings
#105 Bug Incorrect id saved to database when doing "Request client online approval from"
#137 Feature When specifying filters need some 'smart' filters
#74 Feature Ticketing: Add Ticket Subject to Email Subject
#75 Feature Ticketing: "Assign To Me" button
#143 Bug Approval Reminder Email sent incorrectly
#92 Bug When an internal user creates a ticket, they do not get told when it is completed etc.
#76 Bug Ticketing: Images missing from emailed issues
#199 Feature Clicking on related tickets takes you to the ticket
#182 Bug Opportunities appearing twice in opportunity pipeline report
#207 Bug Ability to edit mailboxes after Ticket Email Patterns are related to it
#226 Bug EmailConfig SSL flag
#134 Bug Ticketing: Some Ticket Search filters not working
#217 Feature Require Comments On Close setting to be moved to ticket type
#110 Feature Force comment entry on closing a ticket
#185 Bug Error when adding Tasks From Template for a deliverable release
#169 Bug Null exception in Payment allocation
#193 Bug Contract Invoice Values
#107 Feature Ability to clonechange tickets between ticket types
#100 Bug Email with images locks Harmony
#205 Feature Need ParentChild column in ticket dependency table
#208 Bug Error while using a dynamic filter for a custom field drop down
#219 Feature Emails being generated in relation to tickets need to know where to send emails from
#189 Bug Tickets: Search Filter needs multi-select on Status
#243 Bug My activity and homepage portlets showing opportunities which have been archived (so should not be showing)
#232 Feature Add “Source” to the list of fields upon which to select / report /pivot in the opportunities report
#222 Bug Issues with the lead form
#221 Bug Issues with the lead to prospect function
#230 Bug External user portal home page configuration not rendering
#200 Feature When closing a ticket you should have convenient way to close all child tickets with a depends on relationship
#212 Bug Increase size of product family description field
#210 Feature Note type for custom fields
#203 Feature Pattern(s) for ignoring incoming emails


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