1.18 Release Notes

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Hi all,

In this release there are two major new pieces of functionality, both of which we are very excited about:

  • Sales campaign management! - Now you can create sales campaigns and harvest leads from your existing customers. Using the custom fields functionality you can then gather marketing intelligence as well
  • Fully customizable security model! - You can now create new roles and amend existing roles. Group functionality together to match how your business works
# Tracker Subject
5504 Feature Remove 'approve' button from journal view screen
5503 Bug Deferred Income Drawdowns - Hot fix
5502 Bug When approving wip claims it shows approved ones by default
5497 Feature When cancelling a recurring contract create credit notes which group by invoice
5484 Bug Deferred Income breakdown grid (journal view on invoices)
5482 Bug Journal Export filenames
5480 Feature Ability to view related payments without having to go to the journals tab on an invoice
5478 Feature Add created date to the opportunities download
5477 Bug Error viewing expense from Task>Approvals>Project Expenses
5476 Bug TimesheetDayApprovedEvent Attempted to divide by zero
5474 Bug Quote line Special contract terms
5472 Feature When rejecting a quote, put the reason in the status history Reason column
5470 Bug Vacation hours incorrectly calculated for TimeBookings
5468 Feature When listing GL codes on PO lines, only show cost and overhead codes
5467 Feature Include a bad debt account in the nominal setup
5466 Feature Add extra columns to the future clawbacks download
5465 Bug Query string values in menu items urls not updating when you switch group companies
5464 Bug Performance issues with searching for customers and pulling up the customer overvew screen
5463 Bug Project:Rate Mappings - Person rates drop down
5458 Bug Quote approve link when coming in from email quickly redirects to homepage
5457 Feature Notify the sales person when a contract is signed
5456 Feature Goods Receivable Batch Receive
5455 Bug Regression - Need to be able to add receipt docs to approved expenses
5454 Bug RAG Status Changed to red without booking time
5453 Feature Grid 'no data' message
5451 Bug jqgrid search falls over in (Task>Delivery>Deliverable) when searching for an id
5447 Bug SalesTarget report not loading and Users Missing
5446 Bug Incorrect activity alerts showing after new division setup
5445 Support Add Order Contract Length to Martin's custom commission report
5443 Bug Error creating new opportunity from customer page
5437 Bug Error downloading the excel in Activity>invoices
5436 Bug Close Add Payment window and reload unpaid grid when payment is allocated
5434 Bug Refreshing needed on Payments/allocate
5430 Feature System setting with default for MustGiveReferenceOnOnlineOrder property on customer
5427 Feature Credit control notes box on customer details
5426 Feature Invoice costs report
5421 Feature Various WIP changes
5420 Feature Ability to to add invoice comment when releasing deliverable items
5415 Bug Emails not being sent to paul@metal-tech.com
5414 Bug Orders report download button on the run (in i.e.)
5413 Bug Creating ad-hoc journal - lines list does not refresh after adding
5412 Feature Updating an expense adds to the audit trail
5411 Feature Additional columns on expense reports
5405 Feature log time users last logged
5403 Bug Money fields missing on business report query
5395 Feature System setting to change day of week that timesheet reminder email is sent
5383 Bug If a project is a WIP claim it should appear on Overview page
5382 Bug Accounting period not updating - URGENT
5381 Bug Base values in invoicing reports
5380 Bug Adding payment for invoice via customer screen
5376 Feature Can we have a list of Paid Cost Accruals under Expenses
5371 Feature Time backing sheet
5366 Refactor Billed price band changes
5363 Bug Editing customer address or changing customer primary address should trigger customer cache refresh
5361 Feature Make batch printing of invoices a background task
5359 Bug Save changes on quote form when sending for approval
5355 Feature Do not allow multiple projects with the same name for a customer
5354 Bug Schedule filter in unassigned lines
5330 Feature Add custom fields to reports
5302 Bug Move 'Clone Related Quote' into Order Actions split button
5300 Feature Ability to add expense receipts after expense has been approved
5262 Bug Group company - assign task/event needs to include all users in current division
5261 Feature Ability to save custom fields on a quote which has been converted to an order
4824 Feature Remove 'One Time Billing' from contract terms for fixed price PS


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