Harmony 1.3.7 Release Notes

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2012-02-20 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 4 minute read


Today we released 1.3.7. The list of enhancements, new features and bug fixes are shown below.

# Tracker Subject Description
4106 Feature System setting to remove the Paid By Company flag on expenses form If the system setting hides the checkbox, then all expenses default to False for Paid By Company. For the Mattec instance enable this system setting.
4094 Feature By default when entering expenses only show open projects ie that have 1 or more tasks open. need ability to search for all though.
4093 Feature Ability to archive a product family So it does not appear in list or on price lists for orders.
4090 Feature Make project search only search for projects with open tasks by default So on the search you can select openall.
4088 Feature Order search - extra fields Invoiced Value, Outstanding Value, Max Delivery Date for a line, Min delivery date for a line
4084 Bug Should Ops managers really be able to approve quotes? I dont think so
4082 Bug Sales manager on quote should be selectable in a dropdown and should default to the account manager of the customer
4081 Bug USUK Address Formats Need the ability to specify or design address layouts
4042 Feature Add link to Create and Clone quote form to Create Customer form We can add a link to the form which will open a new tab in the browser at the correct place in the application.
4112 Bug Portlet error System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements
4104 Bug Email to send when task is completed Currently whenever a task is updated which has a due date of today, the chasing email is resent. This is fair enough apart from when the change was to say it has been completed. In this instance, a new email should be sent to the person who created the task (unless this is the same person currently doing the update) to let them know it is complete. This requires a new email template.
4066 Feature Seeing cost of goods on an order This issue needs a bit of thought and investigation: Currently you can edit and add purchase orders after an order has been converted to a quote, and this is fine. However, you cannot see the cost of goods on the Order, and I am not sure if any new POs get reflected on the Quote... We need to investigate the current behaviour then discuss the best solution.
4010 Bug Add alt colours back to lists These were removed due to a problem with IE8. They need to be put back (check IE) as it drives you mad without them
4116 Bug COG breakdown FX conversion COG breakdown has to be in the base currency for both revenue and purchases. At the moment, if we create a quote in CAD and add the purchases in GBP, then there is no way of defining the FX rate from GBP to CAD.
4108 Bug Duplicates appearing in staff lists The code is creating duplicate records in a many to many mapping table
4076 Bug Schedule not appearing in customer schedules tab On our live instance if you search for West Brom and then go to the schedules tab there is nothing there. However if you search for contracts you will find the West Brom contract


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