10 reasons Harmony is better than a Standalone Service Desk system

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2019-04-24 Last updated 2019-04-24 - 2 minute read

If your business deals with customer queries, complaints or issues, you probably have some sort of help desk software.

If your business provides technical support, whether infrastructure, environmental or software, you will most certainly have a one.

There are dozens of SAAS-based service desk solutions available. It is probably one of the most common software verticals. Solutions are available for a broad range of requirements, with very different levels of sophistication and price disparity to match.

Given such a plethora of choice, why would anyone consider Harmony, which is not a service desk application but a business management solution that has an integral service desk?

Well, first it will help to explain a subtle distinction: the difference between a service desk and a help desk.

  • Service desk software: is a solution used by companies that sell support services to their customers, mostly under contractual SLAs (Service Level Agreements); whereas
  • Help desk software: is a solution used internally to handle internal enquiries and issues, in its ITIL form, the responses are modelled under OLAs (Operational Level Agreements)

This may sound like semantics, but the requirements of external facing service desks and internal facing help desks are not the same and placing the service desk outside the overall business relationship between the service provider and customer has major negatives.

To expand on these, below are 10 benefits of Harmony’s integrated service desk vs a standalone system:

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The big difference between a help desk and a service desk is with the latter, your living depends on what the technicians are working on and how that work is being funded. With a help desk, the costs are absorbed within the company overheads. If you need an understanding of the contracts under which you are providing services, a standalone service desk solution will give you a lot of extra work to achieve your aims.

Harmony is designed to place your technicians' work within the contractual context so there can be no confusion over this point. That is why people buy it.

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