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Meet James Sponder, senior consultant

  • 2 minute read

We're a diverse bunch of people at HarmonyPSA - and we think this is one of our biggest strengths. First up in our 'Meet the Team' series of blog posts is our senior consultant, James Sponder. James is one of our longer-standing members of staff and what he doesn't know about Harmony isn't worth knowing, quite frankly. We pinned him down to find out more his job, his interests outside of work and his secret prior career in a most unexpected place...

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Can your MSP cope with New business?

  • 2 minute read

Every business owner wants new business.

Everyone wants more profit.

Everyone wants to grow.

It’s natural but can everyone cope with more business?

I come across this all the time. Established IT/MSP owners who say, ‘if only I had more leads and new business everything would be fine.’ It’s what they want because it’ll increase the business’ income and that’s a good thing – and I get it. However, what they think they want isn’t what they need to have a better business because there’s a deeper issue at play.

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Managing Sales hand-offs

  • 2 minute read

If you run an owner-managed business, who dabbles with accounts and also runs the operation, this probably won’t matter to you, as you wear all the hats.

On the other hand, if these hats belong to separate individuals, the process of winning new business can prove a challenge.

Let’s break the problem down into its parts:

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Are you a Tech Star or a Sales Hero?

  • 3 minute read

Not all heroes wear capes. Many MSP business owners work countless hours providing highly skilled services to their clients – yet, unfortunately the more time you spend doing tech support the less time you’re spending growing your company.

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HarmonyPSA is now on Apple News

  • 1 minute read
With all the exciting news coming from Apple's WWDC, it seems timely to announce that we are now available on Apple News as a source. We're really excited about this and looking forward to sharing our news with a wider audience.  
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Handling dates and times... should be simple right?

  • 2 minute read

Handling date and time is a perennial software problem; exacerbated by the fact that most programming languages do not differentiate between a date and a datetime.

In order to deal with this, we explicitly recognise and code for the fact that there are typically three different things being talked about when discussing time:

[1]  Time zone aware datetime

These are a point in time (usually stored as UTC) which, when presented to the user, will show the equivalent datetime in their time zone. The programmer also has to account for the fact that datetimes entered will come in from the perspective of that user so need to be converted back to UTC for storage.

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Harmony V4.15 Release Notes

  • 8 minute read

The HarmonyPSA team has brought our customers yet another stack of great features and bug fixes in the latest version of HarmonyPSA, v4.15. The following release notes will list and explain all the major changes within Harmony v4.15.

An updated list of all our releases can be found here. All v4 users will be getting the full release of and please get in touch if you would like the latest release earlier.

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Why you shouldn't use spreadsheets for invoicing

  • 2 minute read

Hands up who still has critical dependencies on spreadsheets as part of their invoicing process?

Pause to watch a sea of hands go up…

Whether the amount is recorded on a central spreadsheet from the contract, or spreadsheets are used to circulate time for pre-billing approval, a surprising number of large and otherwise sophisticated companies still have some critical spreadsheets as part of their invoicing procedures.

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Powerless in the world’s biggest library

  • 2 minute read

You pride yourself on knowing your stuff.

Technically, as an MSP owner, you know exactly what to do 99% of the time and if you don’t, you can find out in seconds via Google and multiple data and vendor sources.

We forget how lucky we are with technology and the amazing tools and opportunities it opens for us.

When I see my daughter researching resources in seconds for GCSE revision I compare it to the latest tech I had access to when studying for my O levels - micro-fiche searches at the local library. It’s why working in and with technology is such a great business to be in – it’s an enabler of the highest order, transforming our lives at an ever-increasing rate.

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The Difference Between UK and US Managed Service Providers

  • 5 minute read

I recently travelled for a speaking engagement in the United States. I was speaking at a conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, attended by an audience of small business IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Solution Providers.

The trip was a fun one for me. I had the opportunity to sit and talk with MSPs from across the United States, and apart from the differences in the English language between the UK and USA (I was teased for talking about “Rooters” rather than “Rowe-ters”, for instance) I was struck by the similarities in challenges that MSPs on both sides of the Atlantic face.

MSPs in the UK and the USA both struggle to hire and retain good quality staff, for instance. On both sides of the pond, MSPs find a challenge in motivating their engineering staff to record their time correctly. Oh, and the frustration of client's nickel and diming (or as we’d say in the UK, “being skinflints”) MSPs on purchasing is the same worldwide.

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