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Applying CMM thinking to Service Desk

  • 1 minute read

CMM (Capability Maturity Model) is a taxonomy that was developed to help organisations understand where they are in terms of the evolution of process quality and efficiency. Historically, it has been related to the software development processes.

But the method is also useful when considering what sort of PSA system you need depending on how mature your processes are, or where the organisation wants to advance to in its process maturity.

CMM is similar to ISO9001 definitions of repeatable and assured delivery.

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Using Harmony for Project Management

  • 3 minute read

PSA tools built around service desk-based operating models are notoriously bad at project management. The project area seems to be an afterthought, inserted because even MSPs need some kind of project capability, but not really integrated or thought through.

Here at Harmony, we’ve been working this problem for a few years now with the sole aim of producing a world class, practical project management area (we don’t have modules) that can support both traditional and agile project management techniques in the full business context that only an end to end PSA system can provide,

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Harmony Release Notes v4.17

  • 8 minute read

At HarmonyPSA we have been working on another major release to bring you new features and fixes. The features included in this release will be linked to documentation on our help site. You will be able to access the full list of releases through here

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The Future of Authentication

  • 5 minute read

The Password

Authentication is a sensitive subject that always seems to imply walking a fine line between security and convenience. On one hand, companies require the security that strong authentication mechanisms provide. On the other hand, end-users require the convenience of being able to seamlessly access services without spending any considerable time or effort.

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Meet Vinay Delamthabettu, senior developer

  • 2 minute read
Next up in our series of posts introducing you to the people behind the scenes at Harmony, is Vinay, one of our Senior Developers. Vinay has been working on Harmony since the very beginning and there's little he doesn't know about the software - he's often the first port of call for staff in-house at Harmony who have queries! An all-round tech superhero, Vinay shares a little bit about his life, and the inevitability of his career in software...
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Meet Steve Duckworth, our CEO

  • 2 minute read

Next up in our series of blog posts introducing you to a little bit of 'behind the scenes' life at HarmonyPSA, we chat to our CEO Steve Duckworth about his unlikely segue into PSA software following a career in engineering and banking, and how this experience has helped him create Harmony, a PSA that stands out from the crowd...

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What makes a true next-generation PSA?

  • 2 minute read

Those of you who know about the full-stack PSA market (that is Professional Service Automation solutions with integrated service desk) will also know that for the past 20 odd years, the market has been dominated by two large players to the extent that should be viewed as a duopoly.

These early solutions embody thinking that goes back 30 years and so should be considered first-generation PSA systems. They were built to address the first generation MSP world that exploded into life to support the advent of personal and business computing in the 1980s and 1990s.

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ASC606 and why you care about the balance sheet

  • 2 minute read

So, I’m starting this blog with a question, as a business owner, should you care about using the balance sheet to make your monthly profit and loss account more accurate?

Probably most of you reading this will say No and stop reading now, and that would have been fine until ASC606 came along.

If you bill everything monthly and you only bill for work completed in the month, then under ASC606, you don’t need to care about using balance sheet suspense accounting as part of your financial accounting view. True, at year end, your accountant may well make some corrections to ensure you don’t pay too much corporation tax, but really yours is a business model that can stick with cash-book accounting and be happy.

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Why Agile Service Delivery Matters

  • 2 minute read

Try searching the internet for Agile Service Delivery and you will find pages and pages of learned papers, blog posts and channel articles.

It is certainly a much written about topic for MSPs and service organisations. Everyone pitching in with how you can take the “Agile Manifesto” and related frameworks, terms and methods developed for software development and apply them to service delivery.

Great, but actually much of this stuff reads in a surprisingly abstract way, underpinned of course by strict adherence to the use of the approved terminology so loved by agile practitioners.  

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The top 10 reasons a PSA will save you money and help you grow

  • 2 minute read

Maybe you already have some idea that buying a PSA tool could save you money.

That notwithstanding, we thought we would have a go at presenting what we believe to be the top 10 reasons to buy a PSA system (OK, specifically Harmony) that can both save you money AND simultaneously drive growth in your business.

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