Our vision is what drives us

A platform that models and manages your whole business, where automation is maximised and administrative overhead is largely eliminated.

Where every keystroke adds value. Nothing is re-keyed or duplicated and functional hand-offs are seamless.

In other words, a business running in perfect Harmony.

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Our Story

Harmony began several years ago with an idea for an order and contract management system designed around products that described their own contract attributes, understood their operational process and drove their accounting behaviours. A concept coming from the quality tenet that it is far better to build quality into a process than to try to inspect it in.

This idea for self-describing products grew into HarmonyPSA, an enterprise solution that maximises business automation with empowered but flexible, high-volume and low-touch business process management at its core.

Technology businesses that show the strongest growth are those that understand how to manage their business most effectively. This requires a platform that supports the business end-to-end in an integrated, consistent way – that’s Harmony.

- Alistair Forbes, Chairman

Co-founder and CTO of Hounddog Technology in 2004, becoming General Manager as the business grew as GFI MAX and then LOGICnow, taking the business from start-up to a $100m business at exit, Alistair brings extensive industry knowledge in the managed services sector combined with the experience of driving global growth.

Cloud computing enables business models to be more flexible and dynamic. We built into Harmony the ability to handle dynamic business conditions while simultaneously increasing automation, freeing you to focus on growth.

- Steve Duckworth, Co-founder & CEO

In a career that began in offshore engineering, migrated into investment banking and ended up with the co-founding of a software company 10 years ago; Steve has devoted his career to developing solutions solving project, accounting and business process problems.

5 unique values that set us apart

Honest, reasonable, clear, complete and fair pricing

Harmony is sold as a single edition, designed to make your life easy. The price we quote is for the whole system, allowing you to be unconstrained when deciding what to use and when to introduce it. Our price point is deliberately reasonable to help you grow your business without worrying about unexpected costs.

Respect for your business

Customers use Harmony to run their business - we view that as an honour and as a responsibility that we take very seriously. You will always be able to reach us and we will always respond and help.

Collaborative sales

Choosing the platform to underpin your business is a big decision, one not to be taken under duress. So, as a policy we will take the time to understand your needs fully and make sure our solution is right for you.

Respect for your time

Our sales process is designed to build understanding so that when customers buy, they are fully informed and confident. Harmony works best when configured and used correctly. Our aim is to get you there using as little of your time as possible, with us helping you along the way.

Respect for your opinion

Our development process is customer-led. If you have a feature need, we will do our best to build it into the roadmap and deliver it to solve your business problem.

A team with a passion to help

I love talking to businesses around the world, understanding their problems and showing them how Harmony can take away their pain.

The demos are a pleasure; people are always amazed by how powerful Harmony is.

- James, Product Consultant

Writing software for technology companies to use is exciting, but also a challenge. I’m always interested in listening to and acting on user feedback, it drives my day. Hearing people tell me they don’t know how they managed before buying Harmony is the best motivation imaginable.

- Steve Powell, Co-founder & Chief Technologist

20 years of writing bespoke solutions for businesses ranging from financial services to the charity sector has made Steve the ideal customer-focused development lead.

Listening to customers is key to building the right platform. We take customer feedback, requirements and problems very seriously.

Frequently, a support call will turn into a feature ticket and be delivered in the next release. People are so surprised to see their concerns being addressed.

- Ana, Customer Success

Our partners

HarmonyPSA distributor logo

acmeo GmbH

acmeo has been a distributor for cloud services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for more than 10 years building up a wide distribution network and an extensive product portfolio. They are passionate about the MSP market and the successful marketing, sales and support of localised cloud solutions.

acmeo is based in Hannover

We were delighted to secure acmeo as our first channel partner. Their unparalleled local, product and industry knowledge combined with German language support enables us to deliver a first-class DACH regional offering. Contact them today - you will not be disappointed.

- Steve Duckworth, CEO

We were really excited to add Harmony to our product portfolio and to launch it in the DACH market place in 2016. This was already a highly localised and fully translated German language version. The support we get from the guys in the UK is simply outstanding.

It has been a pleasure introducing the advanced process modelling available from Harmony to German technology suppliers. We have nothing locally that compares.

- Timothy Jahn, Harmony Product Lead, acmeo GmbH

emt Distribution

emt Distribution has been offering security and business productivity solutions in Asia Pacific for more than 20 years. They pride themselves on choosing solutions that work, simplify complex tasks, and add real value to customers. They choose vendor partners that are passionate, care about customer outcomes and that are thought leaders in their fields. Their distribution network spans 15 countries, with partners continuing to do business with emt over the full lifetime of the company.

Australia and New Zealand are packed with exciting and growing technology businesses that are under-represented in the PSA space. I am delighted to welcome emt Distribution to our partner network. Their strong product offering makes them an ideal one-stop-shop for local businesses looking to improve their tooling.

- Steve Duckworth, CEO

We are extremely happy to have Harmony PSA in our cloud-based stable. Both the solution and the company are perfect fits for emt Distribution. The depth of customisation and breadth of coverage for professional services is staggering, whether it be for MSPs, SIs or anyone offering professional services internally or customer facing.

Harmony PSA rounds out our cloud-based security and operational solutions, and gives our partners and customers the tools they need to manage their business and processes from start to finish.

- Richard Rundle, CEO, emt Distribution Pty Ltd