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The most complete professional services automation package on the market. Specifically designed for technology businesses

Harmony will run your entire business, driving accurate and timely billing

Interested?     Don't just take our word for it   >>

But is it right for me?
Harmony is not meant for everyone. Check below if it is the right fit for your business

Type of Business
Lifecycle Stage
10 Reasons to Buy Harmony
  • Check out your business profile against Harmony's functionality

    • B2B Software Development, Services and Sales
    • Managed Services Provider
    • Cloud Hosting
    • Professional Services
    • Agency Services\Consultancies
    • Value Added Reseller
    • B2C Packaged Software
    • Hardware Manufacturer or Reseller
  • Which description best suits your business profile and growth point?

    • "I'm running a small software company with a dozen employees. I do most of the finance stuff myself. Why should I bother with control software at this early stage?"
    • "We've been operating for 10 years or so with a solid and loyal customer base that delivers steady rather than spectacular growth. I have a range of back-office solutions and spreadsheets that suit our business, why should I change?"
    • "We've recently acquired another company and are focused on integrating their operations with ours. We don’t have time to run an implementation project as well"
    • "We're at the end of our ability to fund growth organically and feel the need to bring in an investor to help us exploit the market fully. Why should I waste time and spend money putting in a control solution?"
    • "We're growing really fast, taking on new customers as quickly as we can absorb them. I don’t have time to worry about back-office automation"
    • "We've thought a lot about this and decided we only need a timesheet system not a full enterprise solution"
    • "They all sound interesting, but none of these really resonate with me"
  • 01. It has been written to solve this exact problem, it is not a hybrid or a customisation of a generic product

    02. It has a fresh, intuitive and fast user interface supported by an architecture that is optimised for global performance over the web

    03. It uses the latest web development thinking, creating a scalable and secure architecture

    04. It is not modular and there are no third-party add-ins to buy, all the functionality to run your business is in one place, one database, one user interface, one experience, one price per month

    05. It is fully multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional and tenanted multi-divisional. It is built global but acts local

    06. It will also standardise and control your post-contract process

    07. It is not a domestic US import with a veneer of globalisation, it has been developed from the beginning to serve a global market-place with the flexibility in configuration this requires

    08. Its rich product modelling supports straight-through processing with exception only intervention. This model allows the product element to self-process through its complete lifecycle (call us and we will explain this bit, it’s very cool....)

    09. Ticket management is fully integrated with billing and contract management, so all aspects of product support are in one place providing total control and on-demand analytics

    10. It has a journal interface to your ledger, not a document one. This allows it to control referred revenue and other balance sheet bookings from within the business context simplifying your ledger activities and reducing manual work

    11. And we’re nice to deal with


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